Thousands of people travel to Bulgaria for hunting trips every year

It’s not the type of tourism to attract large crowds but still hunting in Bulgaria tends to be a popular option for Western and Eastern travelers. Nearly 3000 people from abroad on average visit the country every year to go after the wild game, and the number is about to increase. One of the explanations for the growing demand for such trips in Bulgaria hunting organization see is the low price overall. It is cheaper ( in the Balkan state regarding the accommodation and the hunting services, and the budget-light numbers make it attractive for the foreign travelers.

A land of world records

Well, here is another essential for the rise of Bulgaria hunting organizations point at when it comes to showing the advantages of such an adventure. Several times the world records for the size of trophies has been set right here concerning the red deer and the wild boar. These species are spread all around the territory, and the chase for it is the incentive for thousands of foreigners to take a trip to the land. While some of the top numbers belong to other areas nowadays, the country is still seen as a promise to make a name with an impressive trophy skyrocketing calculated in CIC points.

The small game occupies an important segment of the sector share even if it is not as popular among foreigners. The travelers from abroad usually make a call to some of the well-established in Bulgaria hunting organizations to shoot the wild boar or the roe deer. It might be the mouflon too since the hills of the country has a good number of this species. The variety of birds available for shooting makes up for a long list, but the flying game and the rabbits are chased more often by the local gunmen.

You need to pay a fee to export the trophy

Even if the adventure turns to be affordable, the experience is not for free. Neither is the trophy – the foreign guests have to pay for it if they export it to their country of residence. In Bulgaria, hunting organizations like Favia Viaggi usually take care of the strict measurement and the evaluation of the trophy. The fee depends on the size – for the red deer, for example, it starts from 1500 Euro and might reach levels ten times higher if the game is significantly large.