Locally kri kri ibex hunt – how to get involved?

As a hunter you certainly wish to go somewhere where you haven’t been since now?

It is possible with krikrihunt.com – an organization which provides payed kri kri ibex hunt at Greece. It is very comfortable activity because you can always combine it with sightseeing greek landmarks – learn more here.
Locally kri kri ibex hunt - how to get involved?
This localy kri kri ibex hunt is actually stictly reglamented by many laws. You will be able to go hunting at Sapientza island only during the hunting season which is from November to December. Kri kri ibex hunt by Krikrihunt is for four days a week, usually from wednesday to saturday, but there is an option if the weather is bad to go on the island also Mondays and Tuesday. Hunt starts at 08:30 a.m every morning and continues to 14:30 afternoon. No one is able to stay at kri kri ibex natural habitat during the night. So after you return to Greece and to your hotel you will have plenty of time to go sightseeing and relaxing.
Locally kri kri ibex hunt - how to get involved?
To get involved in such an adventure as kri kri ibex hunt is – you will have to make some preparations before the hunting season. Actually you need to be approved for this hunt before it starts. So, you may sign up and make the payment – but all up-to-date information for this you will have from their official website – krikrihunt.com. As you can see going on a kri kri ibex hunt is not an easy job, but if you sign up on time – it won’t be so hard to be involved. Good luck, hunters.